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Olive Oil from the Sea

Olive Oil from the Sea

GERAS Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil


PORTO GERA Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Organic Olive Oil from the Sea

Our organic olive oil is produced in the island of Lesbos, in north eastern Greece amidst the Aegean Sea. It is a mono-varietal and single farm product. Olive trees are exclusively grown and harvested for this purpose in the 62 acre farm (or “tsamliki”) of Grigoris Gliglis, which he inherited from his father, Kostas. Carefully selected olives are hand-picked every year from each one of his 3000 trees. His farming is based on the principles of ecology, fair-trade, personal commitment and sustainability. From his farm to his olive oil, the quality is unmatched. The olives are collected by hand and with sticks, making the process more laborious and tiring but ensuring optimal health for the tree branches. The olive trees are accompanied by a lavender plantation, making a magnificent purple - golden green scenery.

The sea element is the distinguishing feature of our oil. The farm is in total contact and in perfect balance and harmony with the sea. The trees are rooted inside the salty terrain, their leaves breathe the sea breeze and the soil which they feed from abounds with sea minerals. This is what makes our olive oil unique and its quality supreme. This, in combination with the complete absence of chemical fertilizers and the regional microclimate define a singular, organic, extra virgin olive P.G.I* Mytilene.

*Protected Geographical Indication


Olive Oil

"Olive oil is a liquid fat obtained from olives (the fruit of Olea europaea; family Oleaceae), a traditional tree crop of the Mediterranean Basin." - [] 

For us, our parents and our grandparents before them, olive oil is much more that just that. It is part of our culture, deeply integrated into our roots, our tradition and daily life. It has been a major contributor to our economy across the regions of Greece, throughout the centuries. It has been curing our illnesses and defending our immune system - an essential ingredient for our upbringing.  Its extraction, from the remote, hostile, rocky and steep mountains and the friendly, flat fields by the greek coast has constituted our profession since the beginning of time. Greece bears the olive tree leaf deeply in its roots since the ancient and mythological times. 

For us, olive oil is more than liquid fat obtained from olives. It is a part of us. And we our putting our greatest effort into delivering the best of it to you.  Get your olive oil from the sea in Belgium from ELLEON.


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