The Island Products

 summer salad with peaches, tomato and olive oil

The climate of the Aegean is characterized as Mediterranean.

The main features of the Mediterranean climate are the winter rains, the summer drought, the relatively large variation of the annual rainfall, the mild to warm summer (with intense sunlight) and the cold winter.

This dryness results in the products to lose their water, become condensed, packed with intense aromas and flavor.
An important element for the island climate of the Aegean is the sea, which shapes the humidity levels, determines the winds and acts as a regulating factor mitigating temperature fluctuations.
The winds of the Aegean, which appear around the end of May until about the end of October, are northerly and are called annuals or meltemia. With the influence of the sea breeze during the day, the meltemias increase locally. The greatest intensity of meltemia occurs mainly in the region of the Cyclades but also in the South Aegean.

These factors have a catalytic effect on the quality of the final products. We call them “The Island Products”.

Put it to the test: Mix juicy red garden tomatoes with fresh peaches, slices of red onion and rusks. Sprinkle with fresh extra virgin olive oil and enjoy!