Why from the sea

One of the questions we get often asked : "Why from the sea?"
The simple answer is : our olive trees grow at sea level.

To take this a step further, our farm starts at sea level and climbs up to ~120m altitude. It combines several layers of flora, includes a lake and is separated in half by a river. This allows for an strong diversification of plants and trees. At the lower levels, it is packed with bushes (thyme, oregano, rosemary), and is populated by fig, almond, and other fruit trees. As it climbs up to meet the forest, it borders with pine trees, firs and other forest trees.

We also develop a lavender plantation, making a magnificent purple - golden green scenery.

Nature returns the favor!

The ecosystem around our olive trees is responsible for the excellent taste of our oil!

Can you taste the green almond and fig?
In the picture on the left hand side, Grigoris sitting on a 700 year old olive tree trunk.