Syros "pastelaria"

This jam comes from cooking Syros figs and sesame together with "pastelaria" -  a local traditional baked delicacy made of sun-dried figs, sesame, cinnamon and almonds. The result is the exact flavor of "pastelaria" in jam texture. Serve it with Syros cold meat delicacy “louza”, with fried chicken, breakfast toasted bread, with meat and cheese combos, deli trays and platters, on crepes or pancakes.


In Syros, the heart of the Cyclades island complex, Arom makes homemade exquisite  gourmet marmalades and jams, emphasizing on the fruits rather than sugaring them up.  Arom graces each season with products which are made only from fresh, ripe fruits. Respecting their flavour characteristics, Arom proudly presents its collection for you to accompany your wine, cheese and meat dishes or give your breakfast a gourmet spin

Syros "Pastelaria" Jam 210gr

    Amazing Pictures by @Vasiliki_Souvatzi_Photography
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