Fylladitakis is a Cretan family business of beekeeping and production of organic certified thyme honey with a duration of almost 50 years.

The timeless quality of the products is based on two main pillars:

1) The unmatched quality and rich flavor of the raw ingredients provided by the blessed Cretan land and

2) The commitment of the producers to integrate the ancient wisdom of honey production, with the know-how and advanced technological means of today.

Pavlos Phylladitakis, a 2nd generation beekeeper, grew up with this non-negotiable philosophy and now at the helm of the family business, he aspires to continue to produce excellent quality thyme honey, using only traditional production methods.


The product
Honey is one of the basic foods (super food category) of the internationally recognized Cretan diet, the value of which is mentioned in a wide range of literature.  

It is rich in vitamins and trace elements, concentrates many nutrients and is a source of energy.

Thyme honey occupies a prominent place among the available varieties.

It is an intensely aromatic honey, with a light-bright colour, an extremely pleasant taste and many therapeutic properties. Thanks to its excellent quality, it stimulates the body and helps maintain a good immune system. 
It crystallises within 6 to 18 months of production, depending on the quality and the conditions in which it is kept.


The Region
Cretan honey is widely known for its purity and high nutritional value thanks to the flora of Crete that can support organic farming. It is one of the only environments with thyme and pine trees where there is no intensive cultivation.
Phylladitakis family has its own laboratory in Kakodiki in the Prefecture of Kantanos-Sellinou in the Prefecture of Chania. The area is located in the southwest of the prefecture and is rich in vegetation thanks to the gurgling waters of the Kakodikian River, unspoilt by tourism and residential development and far from crops and pesticides.  

Similarly, our more than 1,000 beehives are scattered all over Crete and in selected places where the conditions are controlled and ideal for bees to collect pure pollen and work undisturbed in the beehives. With the wisdom of traditional production and the know-how of today, the producer prepares for the harvest in the seasons when the honey has all its nutrients intact. 

Organic thyme honey from Fyllatidakis family in Crete