Looking for a honey that will surprise your taste buds?


MELI ENA is a limited production wild floral honey from the western part of the island of Lesvos. 


Lesvos island has a certain particularity that strongly contributes to its intense biodiversity. The eastern part is green, occupied to a great extent by olive groves, and usually receives plenty of water during winter rain season. 

As a result of this, there are several rivers and even waterfalls, and in the mountains you will typically find all the trees native to the Greek mountain flora (chestnut trees, pine trees, firs,..).

The western part, on the other hand, is dry and volcanic. The land is flat and you will find flamingo colonies , salt-pans and an extravagant variety of wild flowers, growing right by the sea water, and up until the low hills.

The Kordoutis family, the people behind “MELI ENA”, have integrated their beehives in this environment, and the result is an experience that will excite your taste buds in the full spectrum of the taste palette.

Enjoy! Let us know of your experience and your thoughts about our new collaboration! 

MELI ENA Wild floral honey from Western Lesvos, the Aegean Sea