Premium Greek Organic Virgin Olive Oil. Extracted from the north-western region of the Aegean sea, in the island of Lesvos. Produced and bottled by native olive tree farmer Grigoris Glilis in the own 62 acre farm that he inherited from his father, Kostas. Single farm product - every drop of this unique olive oil comes from olives picked from one of his 3000 trees. From his farm to his olive oil, the quality is unmatched. The olive trees are accompanied by a lavender plantation, making a magnificent purple - golden green scenery.

Exceptional quality, rich taste and aroma. Pure, no chemical additives. The olives are collected by hand and with sticks, making the process more laborious and tiring but ensuring the optimal health for the tree branches. Mechanically pressed, cold-extracted with water pressing temperature below 27C. High concentration of polyphenoles, unsaturated fats and antioxidants. 




  • 2010 Silver medal for the design at Elaiotechnia, Greece in the category mild-fruity
  • 2011 Bronze medal in the category “Intensive fruity” at Elaiotechnia, Greece
  • Award in BIOL international price in Italy
  • 2012 Silver medal in the category “fruity” at Elaiotechnia, Greece
  • 2013 Bronze medal for its design at Elaiotechnia
  • Silver medal in the category “fruity” by Philaios
  • 2015 Italy BIOL Novello in Caserta, Italy

GERAS Organic Virgin Olive Oil 5lt.

    • Organic Virgin Olive Oil from the Aegean Sea.
    • Single farm production.
    • Single olive variety : Kolovi or Valanolia.
    • Cold-pressed.
    • Exceptional quality. 
    • Rich in polyphenoles, 
    • Rich in minerals and vitamins.
    • Premium product of Greece.