Dried Cycladic sage "Salvia Triloba" 11 gr (package). 

Greek product of organic farming.


Salvia Triloba, commonly known as Greek sage, is a perennial herb or sub-shrub. Located in all regions of Greece, especially in dry and rocky mountainous places, Greek sage has a strong aromatic odor and a long history of culinary use. While it is used for flavoring various dishes and vinegars, it is also considered as one of the most delicious herbal infusion.

Greek sage is very common in the Cyclades landscape. In spring, the mountains in Cyclades are covered by the purplish flowers of the herb. The women in Cyclades used to hang bouquets of sage in their patios. Today, hanging bunches of sage are common sight in traditional food products stores, while it appears regularly in gourmet dishes.

Bio Cycladic Sage 11gr

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