Dried Cycladic oregano "Origanum onites" 18 gr (package). 

Greek product of organic farming.


Native to Greece, Origanum onites is an oregano species growing in the Cyclades and the Aegean islands in general. Oregano is indigenous to sunny, hilly, medium in terms of soil fertility, rainfed areas. The tradition of using oregano is lost in the mists of time. In the Cyclades, oregano holds a leading role as food flavouring. The women collect the herb and dry them in a shady place. Then, they used to get together in one of their courtyards for the “ritual” το separate leaves from steams, go through them for bits of chaff before placing them in sealed jars and store them.

Oregano flavours roasts, marinates meats and fishes, spices up salads with its characteristic aroma and exceptional taste.

Bio Cycladic Oregano 18gr

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