Why Olive Oil from the Sea? Our views and actions on sustainability and fair trade.

The Olive Oil from the Sea is 100% harvested and produced on the island of Lesbos, in the north eastern part of the Aegean Sea. The olives are pressed and bottled in the mill of Stratis, Michalis and Paraschos, local businessmen and connoisseurs of the art of olive oil production since several generations. Every year, during the harvest season, together with the 3 men, we select the best quality olive oils. This is done by means of a competition where the acidity, taste, aromas, cultivation processes and other metrics of each producer are compared. The olive oil that is finally seleted is isolated from the rest and is kept separately in ideal ambient temperature & humidity conditions, in our stone-mill (more on this on a next blog post). It is our “House Blend”.


Each year, the authorities issue the nominal sale price of olive oil per kg. This is the minimum official price on which the producers can sell their olive oil. This nominal price can vary significantly each year, based on the worldwide supply and demand of olive oil. In the recent years, this price has faced a decline, resulting in insufficient compenensation of the producers, some of which are forced to quit olive oil production, as the profits are severely low compared to other fruit and vegetable cultivation.

We, at Olive Oil from the Sea, ensure that each one of our producers is fairly compensated. To achieve this, on top of the official price/kg we pay to the producers an extra percentage. By streamlining the production, packaging, transportation and storage costs, we make sure that this surplus is not reflected to the final customer price.

It is an ethical gesture from our side to ensure a faid trade process, locally in our community and globally in the total olive oil world. We choose to decrease our profit in order to sustain the fair trade in our "ecosystem".

As a result, the producers can maintain and develop their high quality standards. This allows them to opt for cultivation and harvest processes that respect the environment, or even positively contribute to it.


Sustainability is a very popular topic lately. For us, it has been a decision-making compass since our first years. Our cultivation and harvesting processes have been developed to minimize the impact to the environment, while managing the required human labor.

The use of machines at the hilly and rocky terrain where we collect the olives is anyway not a feasible option for us. From the beginning of the olive oil production, we have learned to collect the olives from the trees using our hands. The branches of the trees are therefore not harmed, and as a result they can blossom each year! Our cultivation is naturally one of low volumes, and we make sure it is one of the highest quality and the minium environmental impact.

Furthermore, we go one step further from the organic agriculture. In our farm, all the natural flora which is not negatively interfering with the olive trees is left undisturbed by our processes. Fig and almond trees, lavender and chaste trees, oregano, thyme and other wild bushes grow vividly in our farm, fed by the minerals of the sea and natural rain and river water. Aside from the environmental benefits of this, the canvas which is painted by the green olive tree leaves, the purple lavender and the deep blue of the Aegean Sea composes a unique "office" to spend a working day in front of!

Thank you for reading! We are looking forward to your feedback. Send your comments and views to contact@oliveoilfromthesea.com, we will gladly respond to them!

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