Organic Herbs from Syros Island

The Idea

In autumn 2010 a group of friends founded Cyclades Organics in Syros, the capital of the Cyclades island complex in the Aegean Sea, southeast of mainland Greece.

The Cyclades rank among the richest places in herb biodiversity globally due to a combination of many factors — the unique microclimate, the bright sun, the sea breeze, the strong winds and a variety of plants and herbs with strong flavors and distinct colors.

Fully aware of that, we joined our forces and land to grow organic herbs. Our thorough research and soil composition analysis, with the aid of our agronomist, led us to focus on growing native species which are found and bloom in the mountains of our island. We chose three of them: Cycladic oregano (origanum onites), Cycladic thyme (thymus capitatus) and Cycladic sage (salvia triloba).

Moreover, we adapt species from other places in Greece to growing in our unique climate. Greek oregano (origanum vulgare), common thyme (thymus vulgare), common sage (salvia offcinalis), marjoram (origano majorana) and rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis), are such examples.

A word from three friends from the Island of Syros

"Summer visitors see the Cyclades as rainfed islands. Minimalistic beauty, dazzling white and blazing sun. However, the truth is before our eyes. Cyclades rank among the richest places in biodiversity globally. The unique conditions of the Islands, meaning the glowing sun, the Aegean Sea breeze and strong winds, create an impressive wealth of herbs, containing outstandingly high levels of essential oils. Hence, the unexpected strong aromas, flavours and colours of the Cycladic herbs.

Herbs brand the lifestyle in Syros, the capital of the Cyclades island complex. They keep a leading role in the local cuisine, ceremonies and social events, remedies, decoration, and so many more. Working our land, enjoying our herbs, while appreciating their important part in our everyday life, we realized how lucky we were to live in such as blessed place. Thus, the idea of growing, collecting, drying and packaging our own herbs was born. In autumn 2012, we, a group of friends, founded the Cyclades Organics.

Moreover, we adapt plants from other places in Greece to our special climate. As a result, the biodiversity of our ecosystem alters the balance making the aromas stronger, the flavours more intense.

Loving and respecting nature, we marry tradition with modern expertise to cultivate our oregano, thyme, sage, rosemary, marjoram and aloe vera. We use traditional and natural ways as possible to grow, harvest, process and package our herbs. The authenticity and quality of our products as organic, as well as our procedure and practices meet the standards of the EU regulation.

But, we do not rest. We always experiment, in search for more."

The Herbs

Thus, we introduce our product line consisted of eight different herbs.


The unique biodiversity and singular environmental conditions of our ecosystem, combined with the bright sun, affect the herbs giving their flavor and aroma an extra boost while enhancing their outstanding quality.


The idea of Cyclades Organics was born while working our land. We came to realize the importance of herbs in our everyday life, whether they are used for seasoning food or salads, or in teas, and their significant contribution to a healthy diet.


Out of love and great respect for nature, we merge traditional with modern practices to farm organically our land. The entire process—cultivation, harvest, drying and packaging—is done by hand, using purely traditional and natural methods and is certified by DI0 Organization (

Amazing Pictures by @Vasiliki_Souvatzi_Photography
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